In the event you need a refund, please allow 5-10 business days to reach your nominated payment method. More info below:



During our ownership transition, We were required to change our payment gateway as new ownership, resulting in some refunds from previous ownership 2023 being unsuccessful. If you have experienced failed refunds, please refer to the options below to resolve the issue.

We will work with you to resolve, please work with us with the limited information we have.



These are processed by the nominated payment provider direct.

We send a request to PayPal to process a refund in full.

In the event you need a refund, this will be processed back via the same payment method you used.

Between 5-10 working days.

If your card number has changed, your refund will still go back to original account.

We cannot manually refund you unless you paid by a manual transfer due to the risk of a chargeback.

We can provide the options of a store credit if needed - otherwise contact your bank.

In the event your bank account has changed, your refund will still go to your bank. They have a holding account which will be manually available to assign if you contact them direct.

Paypal is a third party payment provider designed to protect the consumer. In the event this payment fails please contact them / escalate. We have no control over there refund methods besides advising to refund.

We are unable to send cheques.

This is due to chargebacks, the risk of us sending a manual refund and then the client clicking chargeback on an order would result in double refund.

We have limited access in the old payment system besides clicking refund. If it fails the above methods apply.

Chargeback is when you speak to your bank and request the item not authorised.

We are not, we have changed ownership and restructed our brands under

There were issues with the transition including payment methods, moving support back to Australia.

If your missing a refund, please contact your bank to confirm. In the event it hasn’t arrvied please lodge a chargeback or visit the payment method below.



If your refund hasn’t reached your account within 10-15 days please advise your bank to reverse the charge via chargeback.

If missing a refund with PayPal, please escalate to them - they are a a payment gateway. We have no control over success of refunds but can action them once the case is assessed by PayPal.

If you paid via direct deposit, please contact us with a screenshot of the payment and we will manually process back to the original account.

If you made a deposit, please forward us a copy of your payment including your details.

If you have a issue with a payment made through stripe. Please contest the payment with chargeback.